List of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers releated to managing Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 (SSAS).

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1 Q: How to setup SSAS anonymous authentication - to access data from internet or another domain? Vidas Matelis
2 Q: Why on SSAS 2005 after restoring database backup I am getting corruption error? Vidas Matelis
3 SSAS FAQ by Microsoft Microsoft
4 Q: Why SQL function: ObjIDUpdate() takes long time to execute when ROLAP SSAS cubes are used? Akshai Mirchandani
5 Q: When I am browsing Real-time ROLAP cube, I am getting error message: OLE DB Error: OLE DB or ODBC error: You do not have permission to run 'SP_TRACE_CREATE'.; 42000. Vidas Matelis
6 Q: Can I control how CPU resources are assigned to Analysis Services service? webadmin
7 Q: During database processing I am getting error "OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Class not registered" webadmin
8 SSAS error during deployment - "The connection either timed out or was lost" Vidas Matelis
9 Q: In SSAS 2008 I am getting an error message when generating usage based aggregations: "Internal error: The parameter is not valid." Vidas Matelis
10 Q: How can I create a new Analysis Services project from existing SSAS database? Vidas Matelis
11 Q: How can I identify version/build of Microsoft SSAS 2005/2008 on my server? Vidas Matelis
12 Q:I would like to create an e-mail alert when some criteria has been met after processing Analysis Service cube. Any sugestion? Vidas Matelis
13 Q: How to fix error "Error loading metadata: Parser: The end of the input was reached." Vidas Matelis
14 Q: How can I start Analysis Services service from the command line? Vidas Matelis
15 Q: Can I migrate Analysis Service 2000 database to Analysis Services 2008? Vidas Matelis
16 How to fix dimension processing error 'mdprocessdim.cpp line 3429 function MDProcessPropertyJob' Vidas Matelis
17 How to find slice values that Analysis Services assigned to the partition dimensions? Vidas Matelis
18 Why domain user group name is not found when creating Analysis Services security role Vidas Matelis
19 When accessing calculation tab in BIDS I am getting error Unexpected error occurred Vidas Matelis
20 How to fix Analysis Services deployment error No mapping between account names and security IDs was done Vidas Matelis
21 How do you test Analysis Services 2005 role settings impact on browsing / querying behavior? Vidas Matelis
22 How do you set Analysis Services 2005 drillthrough security on the cube? Vidas Matelis
23 How to install Adventure Works SQL DW and Analysis Services 2005/2008 sample database and project Vidas Matelis
24 I cannot start Analysis Services 2005 SP2 on Vista PC. Error - The service cannot be started... Vidas Matelis
25 How do I move Analysis Services 2005/2008 databases to a different folder Vidas Matelis
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