SQL Server Analysis Services Scripts

List of scripts for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Scripting languages used are Windows Scripting Host (WSH), SSIS (Visual Basic) and PowerShell. These scripts will help you manage your SSAS installation - to backup, process and document databases.

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# Article Title Date Author
1 SSAS: Utility to check you have the correct data types and sizes in your cube definition 2012-Mar-16 Dr. John Tunnicliffe
2 Script - SSAS Discover Current Processes 2012-Jan-08 Olaf Helper
3 SSAS Dimension Process Update 2011-Nov-06 Olaf Helper
4 Backup Ssas Databases with SessionTrace Output 2011-Oct-30 Olaf Helper
5 SSAS Sessions Overview 2011-Sep-25 Olaf Helper
6 Basic OlapQueryLog Analysis 2011-Sep-22 Olaf Helper
7 List all objects of a SSAS database with time stamps 2011-Sep-22 Olaf Helper
8 Get SSAS objects with AMO using C# 2011-Sep-22 Sorna Kumar Muthuraj
9 Use PowerShell to Work with Analysis Service Database Backups 2011-May-30 Muthusamy Anantha Kumar
10 SSAS Operations Templates (Free) 2011-Mar-10 Rob Kerr
11 Script to backup SSAS database and delete old backup files (using ascmd.exe) 2011-Feb-10 Vidas Matelis
12 SQL Profiler EventClass & EventSubClass Column Descriptions 2009-Jul-26 Dan Hardan
13 Script to automate SSAS partition management (SQL + SSIS) 2009-Jul-03 Vidas Matelis
14 Killing sessions automatically with SSIS 2008-Dec-04 Chris Webb
15 PowerShell script to process all dimensions and cubes in one DB limiting workload 2008-Nov-26 Vidas Matelis
16 Teaser: SSAS Cache Warming with PowerShell 2008-Nov-16 Darren Gosbell
17 PowerShell script to process all dimensions in one Analysis Services database 2008-Nov-09 Vidas Matelis
18 Powershell script to list info about one Analysis Services database 2008-Nov-09 Vidas Matelis
19 SSIS package - SSAS Cache Warming Using SSIS 2008-Nov-05 Allan Mitchell
20 PowerShell script to list info about SSAS databases 2008-Nov-03 Vidas Matelis
21 How to setup your computer to run PowerShell with SSAS 2008-Nov-03 Vidas Matelis
22 WSH script to get SSAS DB info about aggregation designs 2008-Jul-11 Vidas Matelis
23 SSIS Package to drop and create partitions based on data in SQL Server table 2008-Jul-04 Vidas Matelis
24 SSIS Package to Back Up SSAS Databases by Dave Fackler 2008-Mar-13 Dave Fackler
25 SSIS package to backup all Analysis Services databases on one instance 2007-Jul-17 Vidas Matelis
26 SSIS Package to process all dimensions in one SSAS Database 2007-Jun-06 Vidas Matelis

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