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- SSAS News - March 15, 2010 - MS Released CU7 package for SQL Server 2008 SP1 (CU10 for RTM)


- SSAS Tools - Hosted User Control Report Filter (SharePoint+SSRS+SSAS) (Free)
- SSAS Tools - SQL Server BI Health Dashboard (Free)
- SSAS Tools - SSAS Profiler Trace Scheduler (free)
- SSAS Tools - Xtract PPS - Connect Microsoft SharePoint PerformancePoint Services with SAP
- SSAS Tools - BI-Lite CUBE-it Zero - OLAP cube builder for SQL Server
- SSAS Tools - ORAYLIS BI. Quality - a testing suite for BI solutions (free)


- SSAS Jobs - SSAS Developer, 6 month contract to HIRE, Downtown NYC
- SSAS Jobs - Looking for SSAS Specialist - UBS Investment Bank - Jersey City, NJ - 6 months contract


- MDX FAQ - Q: I have measure in my cube that shows duration on some event in seconds. How can I convert numeric result to string in the format hh:mm:ss?
- Management FAQ - Q: When I am browsing Real-time ROLAP cube, I am getting error message: OLE DB Error: OLE DB or ODBC error: You do not have permission to run 'SP_TRACE_CREATE'.; 42000.


- Uncategorized - Which OLAP cube should I use, Microsoft SSAS or IBM Cognos PowerCube (Powerplay)?
- MDX - Rank with partitioning - MDX
- MDX - Different Approaches To Handling Tied Ranks
- MDX - MDX - Group by measure range dynamically
- MDX - MDX - Aggregating by member_caption
- MDX - Brilliantly stupid MDX debugging technique
- MDX - When Not To Write MDX and When Not To Use Analysis Services
- MDX - VBA functions in AS2005 (MDX)
- MDX - Thoughts on how PowerPivot and SSAS could work together
- MDX - History Browsing in OLAP and LastNonEmptyLeaf
- Excel - Convert a Excel Pivot table to a Excel Table, use SSAS data to do data mining in Excel
- Excel - Dany Hoter on Cube Formulas
- Reporting Services - SSRS Drillthrough for SSAS cubes, how to pass a parameter to an MDX dataset
- Reporting Services - PowerPivot/Excel/Sharepoint and SSRS – should they merge?
- Reporting Services - SSRS and SSAS-Sourced Parameter Dataset Performance Issues
- Reporting Services - SSRS - KPIs without Analysis Services
- Data Mining - Executing DMX DDL from a linked server
- Data Mining - Using The Data Mining Query Task in SSIS
- Data Mining - Data Mining with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Sample Chapter
- Drillthrough - Drilltrough and filtering on SSAS-cubes in SSRS
- AMO - Accessing OLAP Server Data with ADO .NET
- Performance Tuning - SSAS – Cache Usage and Profiler
- Design - Using SSAS MDX Calculation Color Expressions
- Design - Effects of attribute relationship settings on calculations
- Design - Creating an Analysis Services Project in Visual Studio 2008
- Design - Adding a KPI to an SQL Server Analysis Services Cube
- Connectivity - Oracle Driver configuration for SSIS, SSRS and SSAS in a 64-bit Environment
- Performance Point - Passing filter values on the URL to PerformancePoint Services web parts
- Performance Point - New Features in PerformancePoint Services 2010
- Performance Point - Analytic charts & grids in PerformancePoint Services
- PowerPivot - Comparing Analysis Services and PowerPivot


- Comments - Hi, Really good interview questions.
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- Comments - Please send it to me as well. pleonard1
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- Comments - To check SSAS port number for SQL Server
- Comments - Dude, Thanks for your help here. I have
- Comments - dead link
- Comments - tnx so much! ~°v°~

SSAS Companies

- Consultants - Mattias De Smet - independant Microsoft BI consultant (Belgium)
- Training Providers - Noel Levine - Chicago Based Microsoft BI Trainer

Forum threads 

-Attribute label sort order
-Automate Cube process without using SSIS
-Few design questions
-Help!Using an EXCEPT statement to pull out account
-calculating UHU
-Semi-aggregations in bank transactions
-checking whether an customer exists or not in mdx
-MDX Returning wrong results.
-Cummulative totals of response times
-ProcessUpdate for dimension
-Processing partitions and dimensions in SSIS 2005
-Grand Totals in Cube looks In correct
-Please help me to optimize my MDX Query.
-MDX expr to calculate min of multiple measures
-End of period problems
-OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Timeout expire
-Proclarity 6.3 Drill to Detail

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