Report Portal website update information for November, 2009

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We started new PowerPivot related website

This month Microsoft finally released public CTP of PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint. Up to know we were adding PowerPivot related posts into a separate category on the website. But starting from this month we decided to move all PowerPivot related information to the new website:

Currently top posts on this new website are:

- Step by step guide on installing PowerPivot for SharePoint on a single machine
- List of suggested datasets to test PowerPivot
- List of PowerPivot DAX functions (short)
- List of PowerPivot DAX functions with description
- PowerPivot's impact on BI pros?

We hope you will find our new website useful!

The following information was added to the website during the month of November.


- SSAS News - Nov 16, 2009 - MS Released CU5 package for SQL Server 2008 SP1 (CU8 for RTM)
- SSAS News - Nov 9, 2009 - Microsoft released SQL Server 2008 R2 November CTP (CTP3)


- SSAS Client Tools - TARGIT BI Suite
- SSAS Client Tools - MicroStrategy Reporting Suite for Microsoft Analysis Services (Free)


- SSAS Jobs - SSAS Developer 12+ month contract position in Phoenix,AZ


- SSAS Tips - To get a comma separated list of members for dimension attribute use following mdx


- website update information - website update information for October, 2009


- Uncategorized - Jason Morales BI Update newsletter
- Uncategorized - Who's Who in Analysis Services
- MDX - Filtering measures by indirectly related dimensions in MDX
- MDX - MDX is a redundant language
- MDX - Scope Problems with MDX Calculated Members
- MDX - Not All Calculated Members Are Born Equal
- MDX - TopCount and very large sets
- MDX - ParallelPeriod + PeriodsToDate = Unexpected exception
- MDX - Simple Banding function for KPI Status or KPI Trend
- MDX - Exploring MDX (Multi Dimensional Expression) in SQL Server Analysis Services
- Excel - How to define an Excel compliant format strings for a cube
- Reporting Services - Performance Tuning OLAP Reports
- Reporting Services - SSRS - Setting Default Parameter Values for Analysis Services Datasets
- Time Dimension - Translating Cognos PowerPlay Transformer Relative Date Functionality into SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
- AMO - Analysis Services 2008 Metadata Report Pack
- AMO - Validating SSAS Projects Programmatically
- AMO - Working with SQL Server AMO (Analysis Management Objects) – Part 1 & 2
- Performance Tuning - Analysis Services - Caching MDX Calcs to Disk
- Performance Tuning - SQL 2005 (SQL 2008) Analysis Services Server Side Tracing
- Design - Super Seven Cleanup Steps Before Deploying Your Cube
- Design - Optimizing Basket Analysis
- Design - Improving Cube Performance with Precalculated Aggregations
- Design - Building Your First Cube
- Design - Creating a Cube and Dimension using SSAS
- Management - A duplicate attribute key has been found when processing
- Management - How to process a cube in a SQL Agent job
- Management - Analysis Services Preallocate Memory Setting – Insight
- Management - Microsoft Business Intelligence Project Booster Kit
- Management - Enter the SSAS server level lock
- Management - Analysis Services 2008 Performance Counters showing zero
- Management - Cube Storage: Planning Partitions (Business Intelligence Development Studio Perspective)
- Management - Using the SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Deployment Wizard
- Management - DMVs in Analysis Service
- Management - Live Blogging @PASS - SSAS Consolidation and Virtualisation
- Performance Point - Deploying PerformancePoint 2010 Soup to Nuts
- PowerPivot - PowerPivot information was moved to the new website


- SSAS Webcasts - Webcast - Extract data from the cube
- Performance Point - Developing BI Applications - PerformancePoint Services


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