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- Microsoft released SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 - Beta 
- MS released Cumulative update package 10 for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2  

3rd Party Announcements

- SoftPro CubePlayer, a client for SSAS 2000, 2005 and 2008 introduced Intellisense features in its integrated MDX Editor
- Webinar with Chris Webb and Panorama - Going Beyond the Basics with BI for SQL Server

SSAS 2005 Articles

- Connectivity - Performance Testing of Teradata v12 with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services - Part 2
- Data Mining - Getting Data Mining results into SQL Tables
- Data Mining - Using AS Data Mining to Add Forecast Values to a Cube
- Design - Attribute relationship example
- Design - Calculated members are better than assignments to real members (at least sometimes)
- Design - Loading duplicates records into SSAS 2005
- Design - v0.1 of my Visit/PageView Analysis Services Cube
- Design - IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions and Calculated Measures
- Design - Get most out of partition slices
- Design - MSSQL Analysis Services - Attribute Member Names
- Excel - Returning MDX query results in an Excel matrix formula
- MDX - Optimizing order of sets in MDX crossjoins
- MDX - SSAS WHERE vs. Subselect Puzzle
- MDX - Optimizing MDX aggregation functions
- MDX - Basic Set Functions: The BottomCount() Function, Part I
- Performance Tuning - SSAS 2005: Cube Performance Tuning Lessons Learned
- Reporting Services - Introducing Reporting Services Charts for Analysis Services
- Reporting Services - Reporting Services-generate MDX, Subselects and Formula Caching
- Reporting Services - Using Analysis Services Parent-Child Hierarchies in Reports
- Uncategorized - SSAS Tutorial: SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Tutorial by Accelebrate
- Uncategorized - SSAS Tutorial by Exforsys
- DW - SQLBI Methodology at work

SSAS Client Tools

BI Reports by DataMicron

SSAS Tools

- MDX Parameter Sample for SSAS 2005
- Analysis Services Activity Viewer 2008  


- SSAS Webcasts - Creating an Analysis Services Project (SQL 2008)
- SSAS Webcasts - Video - QuickHit #1 - Ignore Unrelated Dims and Calculated Measures 
- Perf Point - Video - Understanding the OLAP Environment - Basic Terminology
- MDX - Video-MDX 102 - Hierarchy Navigation
- MDX - Video:MDX 101-MDX: Basics and Structure 



SSAS Consultants

- Consultants - Chris Webb
- Training Providers - Chris Webb - Crossjoin Consulting

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