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How to fix dimension processing error 'mdprocessdim.cpp line 3429 function MDProcessPropertyJob'

Q: While processing cube I am getting error message: Internal error: An unexpected error occurred (file 'mdprocessdim.cpp', line 3429, function 'MDProcessPropertyJob::OnLaunch'). How can I fix this?

A: In most cases this indicate that your Analysis Services database somehow got corrupted. This can hapen when you change a dimensions structure and deploy changes using "Deploy changes only" option from the BIDS studio to the server, but not all related changes/affected objects were correctly deployed.

To fix this you should:

- Connect to SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) using SQL Server Management Studio and drop affected database and then deploy your Analysis services project from BIDS studio to the server.

- Or in BIDS you can change project deployment options from "Deploy changes only" to "Deploy All" and then deploy your project.



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