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DAX StudioScott SenkerestyArticles3/9/2015
Thoughts On the Microsoft/Pyramid Power BI DealChris WebbArticles31/7/2015
VertiPaq Analyzer for Analysis Services #ssas #tabular #powerpivot #powerbiMarco RussoArticles31/7/2015
Announcing DAX Studio 2.2.0Darren GosbellArticles25/6/2015
Dynamic Partition Creation in SSAS multidimensional using the SSAS Partition ManagerDr. John TunnicliffeArticles29/5/2015
SSAS Partition Manager for both SSAS Tabular Models and SSAS Multidimensional CubesDr. John TunnicliffeArticles27/5/2015
Dynamic Partition Creation in SSAS multidimensional using the OlapPartitionManager generic C# AMO appJohn TunnicliffeArticles29/4/2015
OlapPartitionManager: automating cube partitioning (Free)John TunnicliffeSoftware29/4/2015
DAX Studio 2.1 ReleasedDarren GosbellArticles18/3/2015
Tools - SSAS Activity Monitor (commercial)SSAS-Info.comSoftware20/1/2015
DAX Studio v2-Christmas comes earlyDarren GosbellArticles8/12/2014
MDX Script Debugger (Free)Gerhard BruecklSoftware29/10/2014
Kerberos Configuration Manager updated for Analysis Services and SQL 2014Adam W. SaxtonArticles26/6/2014
easyROLES - SSAS role management softwareSSAS-Info.comSoftware25/5/2014
Tool: xlDAX - an add-in for modern ExcelTom GleesonArticles22/4/2014
Running MDX Studio against SQL 2012Darren GosbellArticles17/4/2014
Released: Management Pack for SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 and 2012MicrosoftArticles18/2/2014
Released: Management Pack for SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 and 2012MicrosoftArticles6/2/2014
Free tool - DAX FormatterSQL BI teamArticles11/12/2013
SCOM (Systems Center Operations Manager) Cube and Data warehouseGilbert QuevauvilliersArticles19/11/2013
Analysis Services Activity Viewer 2012Richard PhoenixSoftware8/10/2013
SQL Server Analysis Services Activity Viewer 2012 Beta ReleasedRichard LeeArticles8/10/2013
StressTester - for SQL Server Analysis ServicesPeter KollerSoftware18/6/2013
Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL ServerMicrosoftSoftware28/5/2013
PowerPivot / PowerView Excel Workbook OptimizerSSAS-Info.comSoftware29/4/2013
PowerPanels (commercial)PowerPanelsSoftware17/4/2013
Creating Custom Calculations in Excel with Pivot Table ExtensionsPaul te BraakArticles5/3/2013
Video - The best Microsoft BI tools you've never heard ofChris WebbWebcasts19/11/2012
Analysing #SQLPASS Tweets using NodeXLChris WebbArticles12/11/2012
Tabular Database Powershell Cmdlets (free)SSAS-Info.comSoftware2/10/2012
OData connectors (PowerPivot) for, QuickBooks, Twitter, etc.RSSBus.comSoftware28/9/2012
DAX Studio (Free)SSAS-Info.comSoftware19/7/2012
SSAS Compare - Redgate (commercial)SSAS-Info.comSoftware19/7/2012
Introducing DAX StudioPaul te BraakArticles15/7/2012
How to Choose the Right Reporting and Analysis Tools to Suit Your StyleMicrosoftArticles29/6/2012
Video - Memory Management for Analysis Services with SQL SentrySQLSentryWebcasts19/6/2012
PivotGrid DesignerSSAS-Info.comSoftware17/6/2012
SSAS Query Log Decoder and AnalyzerSorna Kumar MuthurajSoftware22/4/2012
SSAS AMO DBSorna Kumar MuthurajSoftware22/4/2012
An Introduction to SSAS Performance and SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for Analysis ServicesSteve Wright Articles21/2/2012
BISM NormalizerJolly RogerSoftware9/1/2012
What tools can we used for OLAP Browser?Suhas R. KudekarArticles23/12/2011
SSAS Entity Framework Provider (commercial)SSAS-Info.comSoftware18/12/2011
DAX Editor for SQL Server (free)SSSAS-Info.comSoftware4/11/2011
PerformancePoint 2010 Content Deployment Tool (free)SSAS-Info.comSoftware18/8/2011
Video - Automating SSAS cube documentation using SSRS, DMV and Spatial DataAlex WhittlesWebcasts25/5/2011
Analysis Services Helper - SSMS Addin (Free)webadminSoftware24/5/2011
AS Performance Workbench (free)Rob KerrSoftware22/3/2011
ResMon cube - see Analysis Services performance information in the cube (free)SSAS-Info.comSoftware4/11/2010
Analysis Services Views Manager (free)YossielSoftware21/10/2010

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