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Introduction to SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services Query Syntax - hands on lab and set of videosMicrosoftWebcasts6/4/2011
Videos - MS Analysis Services 2008Ludwig ArmbrusterWebcasts26/2/2010
0 to Cube in 60 Minutes (SSAS)Brian KnightWebcasts26/2/2010
Business Intelligence Tutorial Videos by Solid Quality MentorsPeter MyersWebcasts19/12/2009
An introduction to SQL Server data warehousing conceptsBaya DewaldWebcasts10/6/2009
Introduction to Analysis Services (SSAS) Featuring: Denny LeeDenny LeeWebcasts7/3/2009
Introduction to Analysis Services (SSAS) Featuring: Siva Harinath Siva HarinathWebcasts6/3/2009
Video - QuickHit #2 - Attributes, Keys, and HierarchiesCraig UtleyWebcasts4/11/2008
Video - Understanding the OLAP Environment - Basic TerminologyMicrosoftWebcasts28/10/2008
Video:MDX 101-MDX: Basics and StructureCraig UtleyWebcasts20/10/2008
Creating an Analysis Services Project (SQL 2008)Mary BrennanWebcasts16/10/2008
Video - PPS 101 - Introduction to PerformancePoint ServerCraig UtleyWebcasts4/9/2008
Video - SSAS 111 - Aggregations Basics in SSAS 2005Craig UtleyWebcasts23/8/2008
Video - SSAS 110 - Dimension UsageCraig UtleyWebcasts12/8/2008
Video - SSAS 109 - Attribute RelationshipsCraig UtleyWebcasts5/8/2008
Video - SSAS 108 - Creating HierarchiesCraig UtleyWebcasts5/8/2008
Webcast - SSAS 107 - Creating DimensionsCraig UtleyWebcasts31/7/2008
Webcast - SSAS 106 - Basic Deploying, Processing, and BrowsingCraig UtleyWebcasts29/7/2008
SSAS 105 - The Cube Wizard - SSAS 2008Craig UtleyWebcasts22/7/2008
SSAS 104 - The Cube Wizard - SSAS 2005Craig UtleyWebcasts22/7/2008
SSAS 103 - Data Source ViewsCraig UtleyWebcasts22/7/2008
SSAS 102 - Creating Projects and Data SourcesCraig UtleyWebcasts22/7/2008
SSAS 101 - Introduction to Analysis ServicesCraig UtleyWebcasts22/7/2008
Webcast - Avoiding Common Analysis Services Design ProblemsCraig UtleyWebcasts22/7/2008
PerformancePoint Server - Monitoring & Analytics Tech NightDan EnglishWebcasts16/6/2008
Video presentation - Introduction to Data MiningRafal LukawieckiWebcasts30/5/2008
Channel 9 Screencast - Introducing Data MiningPeter MyersWebcasts13/12/2007
Channel 9 screencast - Introducing Cube CalculationsPeter MyersWebcasts13/12/2007
Podcast - Introduction to SQL Server Analysis Services for developers and DBAs (by Peter Myers)Peter MyersWebcasts23/7/2007
App Dev SSAS Training - sample CDApp DevWebcasts21/6/2007
Creating a Basic SSAS CubeBrian KnightWebcasts14/6/2007
Business Intelligence Presentations (video learning)MicrosoftWebcasts19/5/2007
TechNet Webcast: Introduction to SQL Server 2005 Analysis ServicesJohn WestonWebcasts24/3/2007
Momentum Webcast: Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2005Francois AjenstatWebcasts24/3/2007
TechNet Webcast: An Overview of the Integrated, End-to-End Business Intelligence Solutions from MicrAlex Payne, MicrosoftWebcasts24/3/2007
TechNet Webcast: Introduction to Data Mining with SQL Server 2005 John WestonWebcasts24/3/2007

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