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Tools - SSAS Activity Monitor (commercial)

SSAS Activity Monitor is UI utility which simplifies monitoring of SSAS activity and performance counters for sessions, connections, locks, etc. both for real-time and for past periods, using recorded activity history data. With this tool, you can:

  • Monitor key sessions and connections statistics, including visualization of trends and "worst" sessions. Compare, sort, detect worst ones now and in the past.
  • Sessions and connections on live Activity Graph. Ability to kill sessions, easy switching between graph and table presentations.
  • Definitely you don't want to sit near monitoring tool and watch server activity all the time. Activity History window allows you to look the activity in time based on selected performance indicator. SSAS Activity Monitor can store complete activity data snapshots for future review. Just activate desired data point on Activity History diagram and complete information will be presented for connections/sessions/etc. at that point in the past. Just as if you are monitoring at real-time!
  • Even more features in extended editions! Save/Load activity data for daily analysis and comparison, more performance data, more customizable.

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