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BISM Normalizer

BISM Normalizer manages Analysis Services Tabular models (SQL Server 2012) for enterprise implementations.

Just some use cases for BISM Normalizer

  • Database Compare
    • Consider Database Schema Compare in Visual Studio Premium or Ultimate (minimum $4,000 extra in Visual Studio licensing cost).
    • Many companies such as Red Gate, ApexSQL, Altova (to name but a few) provide (relational) database-compare tools that compete with Database Schema Compare in Visual Studio.
    • What is the equivalent for OLAP databases on the Microsoft platform? There is none. Correction: there is now! BISM Normalizer.
  • PowerPivot Model Migration to Enterprise
    • When migrating a Tabular model from PowerPivot to enterprise-level in Analysis Services, we can use “Import from PowerPivot”.
    • But what then? Should we have a separate database for each PowerPivot migration? This could mean hundreds of databases to manage.
    • BISM Normalizer allows merging of models migrated from PowerPivot into the appropriate enterprise Analysis Services database.
  • Maintain a master model to be extended by different implementations in an enterprise organization.
  • Script selected differences between models, enabling partial deployments.
  • Report differences in an easily distributable format (Excel).
  • Full integration with Visual Studio 2010 allows Tabular projects to act as source/target databases. This implies tight integration with source control/TFS.


Watch video by Christian Wade here...


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