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SqlASDoc, the Analysis Services Documenter

What is it?

Analysis Services Documenter (SqlASDoc for short) is a tool which creates documentation for your Analysis Services 2005 OLAP cubes. It connects to your live server, and queries the metadata for the name and description which the developers attached to every object (database, cube, dimension, hierarchy, attribute, translation, data source, data source view,...). It then produces an HTML file which contains the name and description of all these objects. But there is more: also other properties, such as last processing time, creation time, sizes of fact tables etc. are written to the HTML file.


You can download this tool here. It is a clickonce application, so the download will automatically install the tool. The tool also regularly checks for updates. Currently, the tool is available for free. However, notice that this software is licensed “as-is.” You bare the risk of using it. U2U gives no express warranties, guarantees or conditions.


Prerequisits for installing the tool are .Net 2.0 runtime and the AMO (Analysis Management Objects) library, both freely available from the Microsoft website.

You can find more information about this tool here.

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