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Experiencing delay when connecting to SSAS using SQL Server Management Studio?

Q: When I use SQL Server Management Studio to connect to AS (on some servers) I have to wait a couple of minutes before it is established. Do you know why and how can we fix that?


A: This is known issue with SSAS 2005 that was fixed in SP2. This was especially visible on servers with multiple databases and many partitions. In pre SP2 environment SSAS would enumerate all objects during connection. In SP2 this changed and enumeration of objects happens on per need basis. On our servers in pre SP2 environment we waited up to 10min for connection to be established. After SP2 this connection happens instantly. If you cannot upgrade to SP2, you should consider reducing number of databases on SSAS server.

Also on SP2 you could experience some delay when you connect to SSAS first time after SSAS service started.

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