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Becoming a More Effective DAX Developer with DAX Studio

If you’ve been doing any sort of development involving DAX, whether it’s with Power BI, Power Pivot, or Analysis Services Tabular, and you’re NOT using DAX Studio, then you’re doing it wrong!

But don’t worry. In this post, I’m going to walk you through this incredible tool and show you how it can improve your development experience and enable you to write better, more efficient DAX.

Disclaimer: DAX Studio is an incredible (and completely FREE) tool that significantly improves the developer experience when writing and performance tuning DAX code. This is not some blatant marketing tactic. Nor have I been asked to write this blog about it. I’m just a typical SSAS developer who has found this tool very helpful in my client engagements, so much so in fact, that I feel the need to tell others about it.




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