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When Importing from Tabular Model use DAX

I recently was building a model in Excel that was using data from a Tabular Model. I started going down the import path by selecting import from Analysis Services in the PowerPivot window and use the MDX query designer to select the data that I want to import into PowerPivot / Excel Model.

I imported the data but it took over one hour to import the data. I was very unsatisfied with the time it took me to refresh the data. Then I got thinking, MDX is not really designed for these tabular result sets, DAX is. As this is a tabular model I can use DAX to get the results. Unfortunately I don't have a automated DAX query editor but writing the DAX equivalent of this particular MDX query is quite simple. After rewriting the query to DAX is brought back the import time to .. 3 minutes. From one hour on the same dataset.


Tags: dax, tabular, load


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