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Additional SSAS Instance Installations in SQL Server 2012 (RC0)

At this point in our configuration, we have already installed and configured one instance of SSAS in Multidimensional and Data Mining Mode. In SQL Server 2012, there are now two more types of SSAS services available for installation.

The first, PowerPivot for SharePoint Integrated Mode was introduced in SQL Server 2008 R2. This provides users the ability to view and store PowerPivot workbooks in SharePoint 2010. I would compare this functionality to Excel Services; however, these PowerPivot workbooks can be much more powerful since they truly extend the ability for Excel to provide insightful analysis on multiple data sources. The creation and use of PowerPivot within Excel is beyond the scope of this blog but I am already in the middle of putting together a blog on the new PowerPivot features in SQL Server 2012.


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