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Dimensional Model Components: Dimensions Part I

In this, Part I of a two-part article, the first of several articles focusing upon dimensional model component structures, we will gain an introduction, with hands-on exposure, to dimensions within a sample cube. Our examination will include:

  • An introduction to the Dimensional Model and a discussion of its role in meeting the primary objectives of business intelligence.
  • An introduction to Dimensions from a general perspective, including the two primary dimension types Analysis Services. within
  • An examination of the Database Dimensions and the Cube Dimensions that exist within our sample UDM, together with a discussion surrounding the differences between the two dimension types.
  • Coverage of the general concepts and properties (including what they define and support, and how we can manage them) underpinning Database Dimensions.
  • A review of the Properties associated with a Database Dimension, based upon the examination of a representative dimension within our sample UDM.
  • A look ahead to Part II of this article, where we explore the Properties associated with a representative Cube Dimension.


Tags: design, introduction


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