Articles about cube design, dimension design, attribute relationship, hierarchies, etc.
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1 SQL Server Analysis Services Perspectives Scott Murray
2 Sort SSAS dimension attribute based on another attribute with example Roopesh Valluru
3 SSAS - Using the SUM Function within a Measure Group to display a Distinct Count with SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) Gilbert Quevauvilliers
4 Errors in the OLAP Storage Engine for a large dimension Ella Maschiach
5 SSAS: Currency Conversion Chris Schmidt
6 SSAS: DistinctCount Chris Schmidt
7 MDX+SSAS #37-Ignore unrelated dimension or not Sherry Li
8 SSAS - Configuring the Slice Partition in your cube. Gilbert Quevauvilliers
9 SQL Server Analysis Services Discretization Scott Murray
10 Large date dimensions in SSAS Swanand
11 Testing KPIs for SQL Server Analysis Services Dallas Snider
12 Conformed Dimensions: the Key to Cross Process Analysis Bill Anton
13 SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) - KPI - Comparing Date and Hour for the Previous Week or Multiple Values in your KPI Goal and Trend Expressions Gilbert Quevauvilliers
14 Custom Attribute Names in Role Playing Dimensions for SSAS Pavel Pawlowski
15 Different options for creating a distinct count measure in SSAS Daniel Calbimonte
16 SSAS ErrorConfiguration Antoon
17 Analysis Services Relationship Limitations and Workarounds Teo Lachev
18 Currency Conversion in SSAS 2012 (Multidimensional and Tabular) Christian Wade
19 Why use a SSAS cube? James Serra
20 A duplicate attribute key has been found during processing (revisited) Hilmar Buchta
21 Make Your SSAS Data Source View Pretty Robert C. Cain
22 Benefits of Creating SSAS Cube from Database Views Benny Austin
23 Using ProcessAdd to add rows to a dimension in SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS Daniel Calbimonte
24 Dimensional Modeling: Banding Benny Austin
25 Dimensional Modelling: Excluding Unused Dimension Attribute Members Benny Austin
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