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How to Process a SSAS MOLAP cube as fast as possible

Recently, with some colleagues, I was working on a project with a serious challenge; there was this Analysis Server 2012 system with 40 physical cores, half a Terabyte of RAM and 10TB of SSD storage waiting to get pushed to its limits but it was installed via the famous ‘next,next finish’ setup approach and we had to tune the box from scratch. Also we had to pull the data from a database running on another box which means the data processing will be impacted by the network round-tripping overhead.

With a few simple but effective tricks for tuning the basics and a methodology on how to check upon the effective workload processed by Analysis Server you will see there’s a lot to gain! If you take the time to optimize the basic throughput, your cubes will process faster and I’m sure, one day, your end-users will be thankful! This Part 1 is about tuning just the processing of a single partition.

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