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Best practices for server ADOMD.NET stored procedures (by Mosha Pasumansky)

In this article we will discuss some of the best practices around writing efficient Analysis Services stored procedures using server ADOMD.NET. These days there is plenty of information about writing efficient MDX - in books, whitepapers, blogs, forums etc. Just recently Microsoft released two documents - Performance Guide and Design Best Practices (and I have seen another one, still in the works, which goes deeper into MDX internals than anything else previously published). But there is no similar information or resources about how to write stored procedures, which are the essential extensibility mechanism in Analysis Services. There is Analysis Services Stored Procedures open source project on CodePlex, which features plenty of source code for different stored procedures, but it is not easy for someone looking at it to extract best practices out of the code. This article's goal is to collect some of such best practices into single concise source.


Tags: amo, stored procedure


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