Analysis Management Objects (AMO), AMOMD, WSH, Powershell and other scripting for Analysis Services (SSAS).
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1 Setting Aggregation Designs on SSAS Partitions Part Two Richard Lee
2 Deleting SSAS Cube Partitions Using PowerShell and AMO Richard Lee
3 Attach and Detach Cubes Using AMO Richard Lee
4 SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) - Getting all partition information from SSAS Database Gilbert Quevauvilliers
5 Use Powershell to Get SSAS Partition Details Richard Lee
6 SSIS - Creating new Partitions in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) with XMLA and Analysis Services DDL Gilbert Quevauvilliers
7 SSIS: Creating Dynamic Data-driven SSAS Partitions Benny Austin
8 How to build your own SSAS Resource Governor with PowerShell Darren Gosbell
9 SSAS - Listing Active Queries with PowerShell Darren Gosbell
10 SSIS: Dynamic Processing of SSAS Partitions Benny Austin
11 MDX+SSAS #38-CALL ASSP.DMV() to document cubes in SSAS 2005 Sherry Li
12 Script: Powershell - Automatic SSAS Inventory Generation Using AMO Prashanth Jayaram
13 Script - Backup SQL Server Analysis Service database (PowerShell) Microsoft
14 Processing SSAS Cubes using PowerShell Vincent Rainardi
15 SSIS 2012 - Inserting data into a SQL Server Table from an MDX Query Gilbert Quevauvilliers
16 SSIS - Process Cube with XMLA and Analysis Services DDL Gilbert Quevauvilliers
17 Using Powershell to view Partition Slice Information in Excel Jens Vestergaard
18 PowerShell: Checking For Large SSAS String-Store Files Bill Anton
19 Turn On Lazy Aggregations Through PowerShell Richard Lee
20 Processing SSAS Databases Using PowerShell Richard Lee
21 "Quick" Dimension Attribute Settings Report Jens Vestergaard
22 Calculate Size of Dimensions for a SSAS Database Richard Lee
23 Find Unprocessed Analysis Services Objects Using PowerShell Richard Lee
24 SSIS Package to Process SSAS Cube Benny Austin
25 Configuring the Analysis Services Processing Task in SQL Server 2012 Integration Services Dallas Snider
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