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Business Intelligence Reports: Reports and Subscriptions Scenario

Brief Description

The files on this page show a scenario that uses Report Builder 3.0, SharePoint Server 2010, and Microsoft Excel 2010 together to create a reporting solution. The scenario features data analysis, rich report design, and flexible delivery of content.


Together, the files on this page provide a business intelligence reporting scenario, a visual summary diagram of the solution described in that scenario, and details about the fictional company, Contoso. The scenario describes the report requirements and how Contoso employees used Microsoft applications to provide a meaningful and useful reporting solution. Download the materials on this page for comprehensive information about this reporting scenario. Documents:
  1. BIReptingScenario.docx: The complete, step-by-step Business Intelligence reporting scenario
  2. * ContosBIRptSummary.rdl: A report definition file for a summary report featuring sparkline charts, with parameterized links to a detailed report
  3. * ContosoBIRptDetail.rdl: A report definition file for a flat detailed report with parameters for product channel and category
  4. ContosoProductDetails.xlsx: An Excel workbook containing data that was exported from ContosoBIRptDetail.rdl, cleaned up, and then saved to the current Excel format
  5. ReportingScenarioMindMap.pdf: A visual representation of the steps taken in the BI Reporting and Subscriptions scenario
  6. A compressed file that contains the scenario and all supporting files

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