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Excel 2010 - a personal sneak preview

For the last couple of years I have been working on quite a few projects where we used Excel 2007 as the number one front-end on top of Analysis Services 2005/2008 cubes.  I am a big fan of the killer combination of Excel/Analysis Services.  And I am pretty good in convincing (potential) customers of this.  Recently, a customer spoke the infamous words :" It is a Revelation", when he saw me slice and dice his data in Excel. I couldn't agree less ;-)

Anyway, although I am a big fan, I must admit that I sometimes reached the boundaries of the pivot table functionality in Excel 2007.  Earlier this week Microsoft released the Technology Preview of Office 2010 and Sharepoint Server. I was very eager to find out which topics on my personal feature wish list made it into the product.


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