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Portfolio Slicer – free BI application to track your investments in Excel with PowerPivot

May 30th, 2012 by Vidas Matelis

Yesterday I published Portfolio Slicer application that lets you track financial investments (stocks, ETFs, mutual funds) in Excel. I used Excel 2010 with PowerPivot 2012 to create PowerPivot database with over 90 DAX calculations and I could not be more happier with results. In the past I tried to use existing online services to track my investment accounts, but none of them would completely do what I wanted. So I decided to build investment tracking BI application using PowerPivot. My idea was that if I have list of investment transactions and daily stock quotes, I could calculated how my investments were doing at any point in time. To get FREE daily stock quotes was easy – I just wrote PowerShell script to download them from Yahoo Financial website (I shared this script too). To write DAX formulas that can calculate investments was a bit more trickier, but at the end it worked really well. All calculations in Portfolio Slicer are done on the fly and considering how many calculations I had to do, PowerPivot performance is amazing.

Check Portfolio Slicer website, and If you do not need to track you investments, you can still download and look and DAX calculations used to generate investment reports.

Below are few dashboards that I was able to create with Portfolio Slicer:





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