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PushBI by Extended Results Inc.

You've made investments in making data available, built analytics cubes, built reporting and business intelligence portals and your business users are still not finding the information they need. PushBI will help you get the value out of what you already own.

With PushBI, the important information you need is always available – anytime, anywhere. PushBI simplifies the decision making process by providing instant access to mission critical data. Whether you utilize the PushBI Gadget from your desktop or PushBI Mobile with your Blackberry, iPhone or Windows Mobile device – you’ll have the power to make real-time decisions. PushBI provides an easy-to-understand UI that leverages existing business intelligence investments.

Extended Results is the leader in delivering ‘Personalized Business Intelligence’ tools with PushBI. With this personalized approach, they deliver actionable insights that quickly and efficiently help customers improve performance and deliver value by making decisions in real-time.

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