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Founded in 2009, Pyramid Analytics was designed as a replacement for ProClarity users needing an easy-to-use front end for Microsoft Analysis Services cubes. Today, with over half-a-million users, Pyramid offers a complete analytics platform, including integration with Reporting Services and Power BI.

BI Office is the best-in-class front-end application for Microsoft Analysis Services (both OLAP and tabular). It is an analytics platform, designed to scale for enterprises with large data sets and large numbers of users. The BI Office Suite is a business intelligence software solution that is made up of four key components:
DATA MODELER – The Data Modeler allows users to assemble their data in a governed environment, build their own models alongside IT-curated ones, and host them on the server.
•    Construct advanced hierarchies for both OLAP and tabular models without code
•    Access enhanced data model governance and security
•    Easily connect to preferred data sources

DATA DISCOVERY – With Data Discovery, all types of users can confidently make data-driven decisions, and can answer complex questions with powerful analytics that solve complex issues.
•    Share business logic, including custom calculations and sets, across the enterprise
•    Conduct advanced analytics, including time-series analysis, clustering, forecasting, predictive modeling, parameterization, binning, N of N, and more
•    Create dynamic text that changes based on defined conditions
STORY BOARD – Story Board allows users to integrate queries from multiple data sources and guide others through a rich and highly interactive data-driven environment.
•    Integrate data from distinct sources and apply common contextual filters without the use of complicated code
•    Configure dynamic visualizations (color, orientation, size, and volume) that allows organizations to present metrics that foster deeper understanding of the underlying data
•    Connect to common social engines, or utilize conversation and discussion threading built right into BI Office
PUBLISHER – Publisher allows users to create professional data-driven publications that simplify the traditionally manual process of executive narrative reporting.
•    Create, customize, and automatically distribute data-driven reports
•    Create content that dynamically changes based on defined rules
•    Configure output types, runtime schedules, report filters, and distribution plans with an intuitive scheduling engine

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