Report Portal

Publishing Server by Iris Business Intelligence LLC (commercial)

Publishing Server enables business users to quickly and easily pull together multiple Analytics queries, from multiple cube data sources and combine them into a single report template producing PDF or HTML output for easy printing and distribution.

Extend the Reach of MS ProClarity and other OLAP clients
PS enables users to pull their view's MDX from ProClarity, apply advanced formatting, add static and/or dynamic text to give consumers a formal report that goes well beyond the OLAP query itself.

Increase Productivity

Manually exporting, cutting & pasting from ProClarity or Excel to Word to build a report is not only time consuming, it is also error prone. With automation and advanced slicing and parameterization PS brings effectively introduces rigor to your reporting processes: saving time and money.

Sophisticated Reports Created Simply

PS includes an intuitive, web based wizard interface that helps users create publication templates without requiring deep techical skills.

Full Automation: Slicing, Scheduling and Distribution

PS offers advanced slicing capabilities, making it possible to automate complex publications. Coupled with a powerful scheduler and auto-distribution options, PS can literally produce and deliver thousands of reports with a few mouse clicks.

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