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Swift Reporting is a leading business intelligence solution that is designed to reduce the effort required to build new reports, increase the value of those reports, and extend the functionality of standard reporting and analytics packages. By using Swift Reporting, organizations can reduce costs and improve resource efficiency by relying on an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use business intelligence package. Companies that use Swift Reporting have reduced costs by enabling business users and reducing overall reliance on technical consultants and internal IT staff.

Swift Reporting is built on the SQL Server platform, allowing flexibility for both new and established business intelligence operations.

Swift Reporting also features tight integration with the Microsoft stack, including:
- SharePoint
- PerformancePoint
- Microsoft Dynamics

The Swift Reporting platform is designed to easily work with existing data warehouses, silos and sources.  These are some of the Swift Reporting technology highlights. 

Flexible ETL controls connect Swift Reporting to many data sources, including:
 - Microsoft SQL Server® 2000/2005/2008
 - Microsoft Analysis Services®
 - Microsoft Access®
 - Oracle® Relational
 - Oracle® Essbase
 - IBM DB2®
 - Unstructured data Files:
   - Excel
   - CSV
   - TXT
 - MySQL®

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