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TARGIT BI Suite - the world’s most user friendly BI solution


TARGIT Business Intelligence (BI) Suite is a flexible and dynamic BI solution providing decision support by focusing on typical BI disciplines such as analyses, reports and dashboards. TARGIT BI Suite gathers data from any type of data system and gives users a shared interface from which even the less IT-savvy can draw and analyze the exact information that they need. TARGIT BI Suite is known for user-friendliness, easy implementation and reasonable pricing (see BI Survey 8). Key elements of the TARGIT software are protected by patents.


Product features


·        Analyses - all objects in an analysis are dynamically interrelated, and with a single click on a dimension in an object, this dimension will be adapted as a criterion to other objects in the analysis. In addition, detailed explanations are added.

·        Reports - all types of reports can be created in no time. You can also freely distribute (i.e. schedule) reports across language barriers and physical boundaries, for example via email or websites.

·        Intelligent Dashboards - dashboards and scorecards provide an overview of company performance through interactive gauges and built-in intelligence. You can quickly identify the company’s biggest problems and opportunities.

·        Choose among several languages - you can always choose to view analyses in your own language, regardless of the language used when the original analysis was created.

·        Alerts from Intelligent agents - a wide variety of intelligent agents are incorporated throughout the solution. They help ensure that the organization can react quickly to market changes. The system will for instance automatically send you an e-mail when certain goals or numbers are or are not reached.

·        TARGIT via the Internet - with the web license you can access company data, reports and analyses anywhere in the world. You can create analyses and work with full data security in real-time.

·        What-If Simulation - with one single click you can find out how your figures will change if the turnover increases or decreases – globally or locally. The What-If Simulation functions primarily as drill-down, and it uses the information that you have already given the system.

·        Criteria Editor - create complex criteria in an analysis and work with both global and local criteria.

·        Comparisons - drag and drop relevant di­mensions into a bar chart and see the individual products compared with each other.

·        Dynamic periods - use time periods such as “this month this year” or “year to date” in your analyses and ensure continuous analysis and supervision of the most relevant information.

·        Drillpad - follow your choices through each individual analysis.


And much, much more.

Overall, the key differentiator for TARGIT is the holistic approach to BI. TARGIT focuses on bringing true value to the user com­pared to the feature focus that other vendors may have. Still, TARGIT is recognized as the vendor re­presenting most disciplines within business intel­ligence (see BI Survey 8). Another differ­entiator is TARGIT’s few­er clicks mantra meaning that the end user should use as few clicks as possi­ble to reach the needed data.


The following specific technologies further differentiate the TARGIT BI Suite:


Meta Morphing and Hyper Related OLAP

The patented ‘engine’ in the TARGIT so­lution remembers your preferences for presenting your data. The technology automatically chooses the settings that you prefer, thus makes it possible for you to save clicks. Meta Morphing is a facilitator for Hyper Related OLAP in which a single click on any given figure opens a detailed analysis based on your preferences, and allows you to further examine the results.



Sentinels are prediction based rules that will al­low you to get an early warning. With Sentinels you can expand the horizon for your notification agents and can therefore react faster if the en­vironment around your organization changes.



A series of real-time analyses can be published as a video, a slide show or a podcast. Distribute data on a large screen and inspire everybody to act in alliance with the company’s goals


Intelligent Search

Learn more about the context of any active analy­sis. One click combines structured analysis data with unstructured data from your e-mails and other documents. Intelligent Search is a ground-breaking feature – never seen before in the history of BI!


Info from TARGIT on your desktop

Intelligent Dashboards and analyses are integrated with your Windows Desktop. You will have access to TARGIT information – before the TARGIT suite has been opened – and you can quickly react to critical deviations



TARGIT integration products

TARGIT also offers products for fast integration to several well-known ERP and CRM solutions. This allows customers to get up and running with Business Intelligence in a matter of hours.


The products for fast integration are called TARGIT BI Accelerators. They offer a fast and easy way of setting up a fully operative TARGIT BI solu­tion while eliminating the challenging technical tasks related to implementing a BI solution.  BI Accelerator is based on the TARGIT BI Suite front-end and the Microsoft SQL Server backend and utilizes the full range of business intelligence tools and components included with Microsoft SQL Server, including:


·        Microsoft SQL Server

·        Microsoft Analysis Services

·        Microsoft Integration Services

·        Microsoft SQL Server Agent


BI Accelerator is available in SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 editions.

Currently, TARGIT offers BI Accelerators for:


·        Microsoft Dynamics NAV

·        Microsoft Dynamics AX

·        Microsoft Dynamics GP

·        Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

·        SAP Business One

·        SuperOffice

·        Infostore


However, TARGIT BI Suite can be used with any kind of data source system.


TARGIT supports a wide range of databases – both relational and multi-dimensional.

TARGIT thus allows you to access all company data in one united user-interface. We have listed databases that are supported by TARGIT BI Suite.


Multi-Dimensional Databases


  • Microsoft Analysis Services 2008
  • Microsoft Analysis Services 2005
  • Microsoft Analysis Services 2000
  • IBM DB2 Cube Views
  • Oracle OLAP 9i (or newer versions)
  • Mondrian – Pentaho Analysis Services

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