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XP3 Data Tools

XP3 Data Tool is a data warehouse management system, which automates the creation, loading and maintenance of relational multidimensionl models stored in SQL Server or Oracle. The produc includes a feature of automatically generating SSAS UDMs based on the data warehouse schema.

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Key features of the product include:

  • Load any data, in any format into an XP3 data warehouse stored in:
    • MSDE (free local database from Microsoft)
    • SQL Server 2000
    • SQL Server 2005
    • Oracle 9i
    • Oracle 10
  • Automatically define and create OLAP cubes in:
    • Microsoft Analysis Services 2000
    • Microsoft Analysis Services 2005
  • Take advantage of intuitive tools to create and customize:
    • Data hierarchies
    • Custom attributes and segmentation (e.g. color, flavor, size,
      zip code, etc.)
    • Custom business metrics
  • Easily append updated data
  • Integrate multiple, disparate data sources

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