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XP3 BI Presenter

XP3 BI Presenter is a Microsoft Office add-in which brings Microsoft Analysis Services data directly into Microsoft PowerPoint - enabling users to quickly create high-impact, dynamic presentations utilizing existing Analysis Services cubes.

XP3 BI Presenter, for Microsoft Analysis Services, eliminates the need for time consuming, error prone cut and paste activities associated with moving from Excel to PowerPoint.

With global updates, intelligent text and drill-down capability, XP3 BI Presenter brings business intelligence to the front lines of business.

BI Presenter is a derivative of XP3 Presentation Builder, but does not replace it. BI Presenter  has limited connectivity (SSAS cubes or SAP BEx queries), does not include XP3 Standard Templates and XP3 Turbo Templates and does not have the ability to iteratively generate presentations. In addition, the BI Presenter edition for SAP NetWeaver BI does not allow for packing presentations. 




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