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XP3 Presentation Builder

XP3 Presentation Builder is a  solution for creating and distributing data-driven Microsoft PowerPoint presentations connected to Microsoft Analysis Services cubes.

Key features of XP3 Presentation Builder include:

    * Create interactive and drillable:
          o Microsoft Excel charts and graphs
          o Microsoft Excel tables
          o Microsoft MapPoint geographic maps
          o Intelligent Microsoft PowerPoint commentary
    * Update and customize data-driven content:
          o Across entire presentations
          o Across all objects on a single slide
          o At the individual object (e.g. chart, graph or map) level
    * Use characteristics and attributes (e.g. color, flavor, size, zip code, etc…) to create and leverage business hierarchies on-the-fly
    * Automatically generate multiple complete PowerPoint decks based on business scenarios that include current data, visually stunning graphics, dynamic findings and business summaries, and your own look and feel
    * Connect out-of-the-box to:
          o SAP BW
          o Microsoft  Analysis Services
    * Take data offline, either on-demand or on a scheduled basis
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