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BI Reports by DataMicron

BI Reports is an integrated product within the BI Reports BI Suite that provides the most complete and comprehensive BI front-end for OLAP analysis.

It enable users to perform ad-hoc queries on OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) cubes, and data manipulation by applying business rules and calculations. It is the most powerful and comprehensive BI (Business Intelligence) front-end for OLAP with drag-n-drop pivot tables, graphical charts, color codes, histobars, indicators and collaborative functions. All these capabilities are delivered through intuitive zero-footprint web browser.

With BI Reports, users are able to perform in-depth analysis, data exploration, and drill-through to raw data. Analysis can be saved as a report view and shared easily among users.

BI Reports comprises of the following main functions:

  • Ad-hoc Query
  • Multidimensional Analysis
  • Web Reporting
  • Data Manipulation and Exploration
  • Business rules and calculations
  • Exceptional highlighting
  • User Collaboration

End users are provided with the flexibility to analyze and trace problem areas directly to the source, with multi-dimensional analysis, drill down, and drill through capabilities. In addition, end users can perform analysis with exception highlighting (color coding) features that provides a powerful visual environment to monitor and set thresholds to BI Reports measures.



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