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Binocle by Bilander Group (commercial)

Binocle – Business Intelligence Solution for Business Users. A powerful but easy to use data integration, analysis and visualization tool for everyone. Connects directly to SSAS cubes, or create cubes in memory from multiple sources.

Key capabilities include:

  • Binocle Desktop for analysts, report creators and modelers
  • Binocle Web for easy display and distribution of saved reports
  • Admin Server –  user and group permission setting of data and reports
  • Direct connection to SSAS cubes
  • Data connection Hub - data integration from many existing data sources
  1. Internal or External,
  • Refreshable Excel data integration – both directions – no cutting and pasting
  • In-memory analysis for Excel or OLEDB data sources
  • ASP.NET embedded component – integrate Binocle dashboards into existing Portals, WebPages, SharePoint sites
  • Application Development platform – custom UI on full analytic and data platform

Binocle enables efficient reporting and ongoing analysis by:

  • Collaboration focus – share report templates with others using Web viewer
  • Business Objects – Pivot Tables, Charts, Maps, Scorecards, KPI’s, Data Mining, Alerts
  • Time Intelligence Functions – time-series data and time related functions - % change, compound growth, etc.
  • User focus – no special technology training needed to generate complex reports or add data
  • Extensive Map Library – users can edit maps to reflect their regions or locations

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