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Akuarela BI (commercial)

Akuarela is a self service business intelligence application for ad-hoc dashboard creation. The software enables end users to  easily create dashboards in a couple of seconds with just a few mouse clicks by dragging KPIs and dimensions on the various features of  UI Elements. As an example a user can drag and drop the products dimension on a bar chart, the time dimension on a slider control and select the internet sales amount as KPI in order to create a dashboard showing the  Internet sales over the last few months.
Akuarela is compatible with all data warehouses that support the XMLA interface (e.g. Microsoft Analysis Services, SAP Business Warehouse)

  • Rapid self-service dashboard creation without  programming skills
  • Uncover patterns you haven´t even been looking for
  • Numerous chart types including maps, cross tables and small multiple displays
  • Mouse hovers
  • Sliders and drop down menus to adjust variables
  • Silverlight/WPF animations





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