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Creating a Report Model based on an Analysis Cube

Well I guess congratulations are in order because I finally got around to using a report builder in my project. Turns out that building a report model based on a cube is as easy as 1-2-3. Still I had a problem, as for some unknown reason the translations were showing for my dimension names and my measures, but not for the dimension's attributes... At first I thought maybe this is a problem solved by Service Pack 2 (as my tests were done on a Server with Service Pack 1). Alas, no. So, a further look in the MSDN library, came up with a more detailed example as to how to incorporate translation in your cube based report model. I admit, this was the first time I had ever used the "LocaleIdentifier". But as I have a different translation than Chinese in my cube (which was the example in the relevant article), then what should I put in the connection string of the data source? So the next search on the web was for a table mapping the different languages to their respective Locale Identifier code.


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