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Parameter Support Objects, Pt II: Support OLAP Parameter Defaults with Datasets

In this article, we will continue working with the basic OLAP report we created in the first half of this article, Customize Automatically Created Parameter Support Objects Pt. 1. We will establish a scenario within which we expose the steps involved in meeting a basic need of a hypothetical client in adding runtime default selections that will appear within the parameter picklists of the report. In examining the requested addition of parameter defaults within an OLAP report containing a Matrix data region, we will:

  • Reopen the sample Report Server project, AdventureWorks Sample Reports, and access the existing sample report we prepared in Pt. I.
  • Discuss options for supporting intelligent parameter picklist defaults among the three primary layers of the integrated Microsoft business intelligence solution.
  • Discuss an approach to meeting the need of our hypothetical client to present parameter picklist defaults that represent the last period of data entry in our cube.
  • Create a dataset to provide parameter default support in the Reporting Services layer of the client’s BI solution.
  • Overview how the various components of the default support solution we propose are tied together, as a part of a hands-on practice session where we create and align the necessary components to support our parameter defaults.
  • Preview the report to observe the effectiveness of our solution in runtime action.


Tags: set, ssrs


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