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Integrating Analysis Services 2005 and Reporting Services 2005 with DRILLTHROUGH

In these articles Dave Rodabough describes how to integarte Analysis Services 2005 and Reporting Services.

My current client has engaged my employer to implement a financial reporting solution.  The first report we chose was a cash report, which displays details not usually carried in a cube.  In the past, I never worried about uniqueness of fact rows because it was unnecessary.  Having completely identical rows in a fact table was perfectly legitimate, a fact giving indigestion to many traditional data modelers.  When Analysis Services 2000 (“MSAS”) loads duplicate rows into the cube, it simply aggregates the measures into the single designated cell identified by the dimensional tuple formed by the surrogate key combination.  This is one of the things we love about Analysis Services, that it provides (semi) detailed and aggregated information on a moment’s notice.

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Part I of IV:  Two Examples Show that the New Drillthrough May Not Always Behave Like the Old Drillthrough

Part II of IV: Design Implications of the New Drillthrough

Part III of IV: Ways to write effective drillthrough queries

Part IV of IV: Conclusion

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