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Mastering OLAP Reports: Parameterized Grouping

In this article, we will perform an examination of the straightforward mechanics behind the parameterization of grouping, and sorting of the members within the group we select. We will get hands-on exposure to parameterizing grouping within a preexisting sample OLAP report. Beginning with the general concepts, we will continue into a practice session where we set up a scenario, within which we work with a basic OLAP report, to expose the steps involved. In examining the rudiments of grouping parameterization within an OLAP report containing a matrix data region, we will:
  • Open the sample Report Server project, AdventureWorks Sample Reports, and ascertain connectivity of its shared Analysis Services data source;
  • Create a clone of an existing sample Analysis Services report, containing a matrix data region, with which to perform our practice exercise;
  • Make structural modifications to the clone report, to prepare for our practice exercise session with parameters;
  • Perform a brief overview of the concepts behind ad hoc grouping, which we will use to support the stated reporting needs of a hypothetical client;
  • Modify the existing dataset within, and add a new dataset to, the sample report clone, to support group and group member sorting parameterization;
  • Make modifications to the report layout to support the stated client reporting needs;
  • Add Report Parameters to support ad hoc group and group member sorting selection;
  • Modify matrix settings to fully enable the newly supported group and group member sorting parameterization;
  • Modify the face of the report to dynamically reflect grouping parameter selections made at run time.
  • Discuss the results obtained with the development techniques that we exploit throughout our practice session.


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