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PowerPivot Nuggetsfrederik vandeputteArticles15/7/2013
Debugging SSAS Cubes - a Few TipsBoyan PenevArticles21/6/2011
SSAS - Measures or Attributes in Multiple Display FoldersDevin KnightArticles22/3/2011
Excel Against a SSAS Cube Slow: Performance Improvement TipsJohn L. HallArticles13/1/2011
10 Tips for every SSAS developerHilmar BuchtaArticles14/6/2010
To get a comma separated list of members for dimension attribute use following mdxAmish Manubhai ShahTips28/11/2009
Excel 2007 OLAP PivotTable TipsRichard LeesArticles17/10/2009
Use BIDS 2008 to validate Analysis Services 2005 cubesThomas KejserTips27/2/2009
Relationship between fact dimension could have type "Fact relationship" or "Regular relationship". No difference, except metadataChris WebbTips28/1/2009
Speed up MDX query preparation in Reporting Services by specifying default parameter valueBoyan PenevTips28/1/2009
Set proper InstanceSelection property for attributes used in the Report Model with Lookup EntityElla MaschiachTips28/1/2009
You can order date dimension in descending order by setting OrderByAttribute propertyPatrice TruongTips5/1/2009
MDX Performance Hits - v2Richard TkachukArticles19/11/2008
Tips: Processing Large DimensionsJesse OroszArticles26/9/2008
The Baker's Dozen: 13 Tips for Querying OLAP Databases with MDXKevin S. GoffArticles18/3/2008
Process only one partition so you can browse the cube webadminTips25/9/2007
Using unformatted cell values it may improve query performance webadminTips25/9/2007
NULL default measure might improve querying performancewebadminTips25/9/2007
Split large partitions, with more than 20 million rows or that are over 250 MB in size, into ...webadminTips21/6/2007
Set the Slice property on partitions with ROLAP storage mode or with proactive caching settings...webadminTips21/6/2007
Remove aggregation designs that are not used by any partitionswebadminTips21/6/2007
Limit the number of aggregation designs in a measure group to threewebadminTips21/6/2007
For partitions, do not use proactive caching with a polling query but no processing querywebadminTips21/6/2007
Consolidate partitions for measure groups with 5 or more partitions that have less than 2 million...webadminTips21/6/2007
Avoid specifying ROLAP storage mode or enabling proactive caching with the OnlineMode property ...webadminTips21/6/2007
Do not build more that 500 aggregations for a partitionwebadminTips21/6/2007
Design aggregations for partitions with 500000 or more rowswebadminTips21/6/2007
The names of attribute relationships should match the names of the related attributeswebadminTips21/6/2007
Create hierarchies in non-parent child dimensionswebadminTips21/6/2007
Avoid visible attribute hierarchies for attributes used as levels in user-defined hierarchieswebadminTips21/6/2007
Set the AttributeHierarchyVisible property for the key attribute in a parent-child dimension to FalswebadminTips21/6/2007
For dimensions, do not use proactive caching with a polling query but no processing querywebadminTips21/6/2007
Either disable the attribute hierarchy or set the AttributeHierarchyOptimizedState property to ...webadminTips21/6/2007
Do not ignore duplicate key errors. Change the KeyDuplicate property of the error configuration ...webadminTips21/6/2007
Define the default member for non-aggregatable attributes in either the DefaultMember property or ..webadminTips21/6/2007
Define attribute relationships as 'Rigid' where appropriatewebadminTips21/6/2007
Change the UnknownMember property of dimensions from Hidden to NonewebadminTips21/6/2007
Avoid redundant attribute relationships because these relationships may prevent data from being ...webadminTips21/6/2007
Avoid large parent-child dimensions that have 500000 members for the key attributewebadminTips21/6/2007
Avoid diamond-shape relationships not covered by hierarchieswebadminTips21/6/2007
Avoid defining non-aggregatable atributes in a parent-child dimension with the exception of the parewebadminTips21/6/2007
Use numeric key columns for attributes with 500000 or more memberswebadminTips21/6/2007
Design hierarchies such that lower levels have more members than higher levelswebadminTips21/6/2007
Avoid specifying more than one non-aggregatable attributes per dimensionwebadminTips21/6/2007
Avoid creating hierarchies where attribute relationships do not exists between one or more levelswebadminTips21/6/2007
Define a time dimensionwebadminTips19/6/2007
Avoid having 10 or more dimensions with a single attribute. Consider unifying themwebadminTips19/6/2007
A database should have no more than 3 parent-child dimensions that have ...webadminTips19/6/2007
Define partitions for measure groupswebadminTips19/6/2007
Avoid non-materialized reference dimensionswebadminTips19/6/2007

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