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Data Mining - Use Predictive Intelligence to Create Smarter KPIs

Deliver Actionable Insight Throughout Your Organization with Data Mining (Part 3 of 3): Use Predictive Intelligence to Create Smarter KPIs (Level 200).

The key performance indicator (KPI) is an essential tool in building business intelligence applications for executive and strategic use. However, traditional KPIs are built over historical data, showing what has happened in the past and the current state of the business. There is increasing demand for "predictive KPIs," which show not only current status but project future status. For example, rather than knowing how many customers churned last quarter, would it not be useful to know how many customers are in danger of churning next quarter? This webcast demonstrates how to design, build, and deploy predictive KPIs using Microsoft SQL Server Data Mining. Although there are useful worked examples, even non-technical users can benefit from this webcast by finding new possibilities for KPIs.

Presenter - Donald Farmer.


Tags: data mining, webcast, kpi


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