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Webcast - The Subtle Powers of Data Mining Algorithms

Assuming that you are already somewhat familiar with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis services (2005 or 2008) it is likely that you may be confused by the great number of algorithms and their parameters. This session discusses each and every Data Mining algorithm showing you their primary use and differentiating it from others. We pay particular attention to the most important parameterizations of some of the more sensitive algorithms, such as Decision Tress, Clustering, or Association Rules. In particular, we also want to explain how the subtle differences in the behavior of the algorithms help you perform sophisticated analysis. If you would like to advance your existing knowledge of Data Mining by understanding what the algorithms can achieve for you, please consider attending this advanced session. In the end, you will be able to unleash all the power of Data Mining in your applications. Speaker: Rafal Lukawiecki (session BIN404).

Microsoft North America Tech-Ed 2008.

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