SQL Server Analysis Services 2005/2008 Tools

Software that helps you work with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2000/2005/2008: backup, process, documentation, performance montoring, scripts, etc.

# Article Title Date
61 Analysis Services Browser Views Add-in (Free) 2008-May-06
62 Persisting SSAS OLAP Roles In Project Server 2007 (Free) 2008-May-03
63 Intelligencia Query for BIDS and Reporting Services 2008-Apr-11
64 SqlSpec - documentation tool for Analysis Services 2005 2008-Apr-05
65 Transact Sql Server Analysis Services Metadata (Free) 2008-Apr-01
66 Single-select Dimension member Analysis Services Filter Web Part (Free) 2008-Mar-26
67 SSAS Compress Many-To-Many application (Free) 2008-Mar-25
68 Analysis Services 2005/2008 Command-line Utility ascmd.exe (Free) 2008-Mar-25
69 Analysis Services 2005/2008 ASTrace Utility Sample (Free) 2008-Mar-25
70 Analysis Services 2005/2008 Aggregation Manager Sample (Free) 2008-Mar-25
71 SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 Activity Viewer (Free) 2008-Mar-25
72 OLAP PivotTable Extensions (Free) 2008-Mar-10
73 SqlASDoc, the Analysis Services Documenter 2008-Feb-06
74 powerSSAS-PowerShell provider for Analysis Services (Free) 2007-Nov-19
75 Analysis Services Load simulator (Free) 2007-Oct-30
76 MDX Studio (Free) 2007-Sep-19
77 MDX Editor (Free) 2007-Aug-07
78 OLAP4J - open Java API for OLAP 2007-Jul-03
79 Exologic CubePort - migration from Hyperion Essbase to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2007-Jun-26
80 MDX Script Performance Analyser (Free) 2007-May-20
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