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Open Java API for OLAP - olap4j

olap4j is an open Java API for OLAP. Think of it like JDBC, but for accessing multi-dimensional data. olap4j is a common API for any OLAP server, so you can write an analytic application on one server and easily switch it to another. Built on that API, there is a growing collection of tools and components.

Olap4j is distributed as four Java JAR libraries.

  • olap4j
    Core API, Query Model, Transformation and other auxiliary packages, along with the driver specification.

  • olap4j-xmla
    Driver implementation of olap4j for XML/A data sources. It is compatible with Mondrian, Palo, SAP BW and SQL Server 2005+.

  • olap4j-tck
    Technology compatibility kit. Consists mostly of JUnit tests.

  • olap4j-jdk14
    Olap4j distribution compatible with Java 1.4. Includes the core API and the XML/A driver.

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