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What is the most important feature for you in the BIDS Helper utility?

Poll option %
Deploy MDX Script 25.1%
I am not using BIDS Helper 23.7% 
All of the above features and more 15.8% 
Aggregation Manager 14.2% 
Dimension Health Check 12.1% 
Dimension Data Type Discrepancy Check 3.2% 
Smart Diff  3.2% 
Tri-State Perspectives 1.8% 
Measure Group Health Check 0.8%

Number of Voters   :  379 

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The following information was added to the website during the month of May.


- SSAS News - May 18, 2010 - MS Released CU1 package for SQL Server 2008 R2
- SSAS News - May 17, 2010 - MS Released CU8 package for SQL Server 2008 SP1
- SSAS News - May 11, 2010 - A new version of BIDSHelper has been relased -


- SSAS Tools - Sperm Report - Complete OLAP browser for Analysis server created with Reporting Services 2008 featuring "Spermline" visualization (free)
- SSAS Tools - Theobald Software GmbH: Xtract PPS - Connect Microsoft SharePoint PerformancePoint Services with SAP


- MDX - Static Named Sets v/s Dynamic Named Sets
- MDX - Rank Function (For same value)
- MDX - Re: MDX ORDER Riddle
- MDX - MDX ORDER Riddle
- MDX - OR operation in MDX
- MDX - DAX vs. MDX vs. T-SQL
- MDX - MDX : Non Empty v/s NonEmpty
- Reporting Services - Tuning SSRS-Generated MDX Parameter Queries
- Reporting Services - Use Date Picker Control with MDX Based Reports
- Local Cube - Creating Local Cube or Offline Cube from SSAS 2008
- AMO - Using MSBuild with SQL Server Analysis Services Projects
- AMO - Validating SSAS Projects Programmatically
- AMO - Export Analysis services cubes, roles and members from a server to CSV using C#
- AMO - XMLA script to deploy MDX Calculations
- Performance Tuning - Optimising Cube Query Performance and Processing Performance
- Performance Tuning - SSAS Performance tips – Lessons learned
- Design - Analyzing the number of visits per customer
- Design - Hierarchical Ordering of Members of a Hierarchy
- Management - ProcessFull fails where continuous ProcessUpdate's worked
- Management - In Search of Aggregations
- Management - To Partition or Not – This is the Question
- Management - Scale-Out Querying with Analysis Services…does it apply to SQL Server 2008 or 2008 R2?
- Management - How to avoid Long running MDX Requests
- Management - What happens when you do a Process Update on a dimension?
- Management - Managing memory of Analysis Services instance
- Management - You cannot open a Business Intelligence project after you upgrade the project to the format that is used by Visual Studio 2010
- Performance Point - PerformancePoint Server 2007 Build List and Hotfix Update
- Data warehouse - Self-Service BI, PowerPivot and the future of traditional BI (DWH, OLAP, MDX)


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