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MATRIX 4 is a powerful, zero footprint Web front-end to the Microsoft and Cognos business intelligence (BI) platforms. Matrix transforms raw operational data from multidimensional and relational data sources into highly enriched and interactive views that help information workers gain deeper business insight; to make better and faster decisions. It has been specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility and independence from specialized report authors and programmers. Matrix brings together, in one integrated product, all the key BI capabilities required by the broadest range of end users in an organization — including: dashboards, analysis, Web reports, annotation, collaboration, location intelligence, scorecards, and wireless alerts.

Matrix provides information workers with a logical top down view of their business. With Matrix, end users, or administrators on their behalf, can define personal dashboard views that allow them to understand the status of their key performance indicators at a glance and to drill in for additional detail or to perform further exploration when a deeper understanding and action is warranted.

Matrix 4 integrates full annotation and collaboration capabilities. This means that all of the non-quantitative knowledge and insight that is scattered throughout the organization can be brought into a collaborative BI environment and bound tightly to the data. Matrix’s unique ability to add this type of context is critical because the data alone never tells the whole story.

Matrix also allows users to share individual views or even entire dashboards with other users. This means that everyone in your organization can benefit from the analysis and insight gained by the most sophisticated users and everyone can work with a consistent and shared understanding of the business.

Scorecards and user defined alerts in the dashboard provide indicators when there has been a change in performance status or important thresholds have been broken and some immediate action is required.

Matrix is the first business intelligence dashboarding environment that integrates full "location intelligence" exploration capabilities using interactive maps and schematics—leveraging your OLAP data sources.

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