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Enterprise Software Solutions specializes in custom Business Intelligence solutions and in re-sellable products.

Our Companion for Business Intelligence unleashes the power of Microsoft’s Analysis server with a unique web based application featuring drag-and-drop analysis and reporting. Through user friendly layout and uncomplicated access to information, end users can generate powerful reports, analyze underlying data and visualize their findings with easy to use charts, graphs and maps.

Companion for Business Intelligence is a web based solution that allows you to connect securely (AD integrated) to your cubes and browse them without having to learn any new skills. The basic idea is that if you know how to “drag and drop”, then you are ready to browse your data. Simply open the Companion for Business Intelligence, point it to your Analysis Server, select the cube you want to browse and connect to it.

No need to download anything, no need to register, no need to setup - just click here to open the Companion for Business Intelligence and have fun using it.

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You can find more info about this product here.

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