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DSP Performance Canvas by DSPanel

The New Performance Canvas launched in 2007 means a huge step forward in what a ordinary business user can achieve without any in depth knowledge of OLAP, Cubes, Measures, Dimensions and other BI lingo. In 15 minutes an business user is able to

  • Analyze the business situation, comment and communicate to initiate action.
  • Find relevant data using standard search technologies like Microsoft Enterprise Search or Google Enterprise Search.
  • Create a new drillable Performance Dashboard/ Scorecard based on the defined business terms using nothing but a web browser responding to a new business need.
  • Save this Performance Dashboard/ Scorecard and give other users access to it by emailing a simple link.
  • Publish the same Performance Dashboard for mobile use in his/ hers cell phone or BlackBerry and send the link to the device as a bookmark and to a colleague as well.

All of this is done maintaining the core values of real Business Intelligence solutions:

  • Extremely high performance powered by the industry's leading OLAP/ UDM engine and Business Intelligence infrastructure - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services.
  • One version of the truth used by all information workers in the organization.
  • Fully using and leveraging the open standards for Business Intelligence giving unparalleled possibilities in consistent integration of business data by business professionals.

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