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New Tabular Model Explorer for SSAS Tabular Projects

In Visual Studio or the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), for any Web, Database or Business Intelligence project, Solution Explorer is generally the default explorer window that is used to navigate through the structure and metadata of the solution. One particular BI project template that stands out differently is the SSAS Tabular project. Typically for SSAS Tabular projects, the Solution Explorer just lists two items - References and the Model file, which does not reflect the structure of the SSAS Tabular solution. A tabular solution consists of Tables, Relationships, Measures, Perspectives, KPIs, etc. The ability to efficiently navigate through the structure and metadata of a SSAS Tabular solution can be quite insightful as well as a time-saver. In this tip we would look at how to achieve this.



Tags: management, tabular, ssdt


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