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Going All In with Excel 2013

PowerPivot for Excel, first introduced with SQL Server 2008 R2 in April of 2010, opened groundbreaking new options to bring BI to a broad audience. Where traditional heavy-weight BI solutions comprised of ETL pipelines, data warehouses, and cubes once ruled, PowerPivot changed the game by empowering information workers to build their own BI solutions in the familiar Office application environment of Excel. With Excel 2010 on the desktop, all it takes is to download and install the PowerPivot add-in free of charge and you can turn data into actionable insights and find the answers you need without having to wait weeks and months for an IT department to build a solution for you. And with Excel 2013, we are pushing the boundaries even further-partly by moving the entry point for creating data models to Excel so that users can natively create and enjoy the power of a data models and partly by offering deeper integration of the PowerPivot functionality.


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