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"Denali" Analysis Services Tabular mode vs. Multidimensional mode

In SQL Server Denali we now have 2 different modes for Analysis Services.well actually 3 but I'm not going to cover PowerPivot mode in this post. The first is multidimensional mode. This is good old Analysis Services that we all know and love (UDM, MOLAP, ROLAP, etc.) Next we have tabular mode which is a. you guessed it.tabular model database using the Vertipaq engine that we came to know with PowerPivot. First off lets look at the how you install an instance of Multidimensional mode SSAS vs Tabular mode SSAS. In the Analysis Services Configuration section of the install you will have the option to specify which mode SSAS will run in. You can install multiple instances of SSAS in different modes on a single machine.


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